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China metal products industry to improve the comprehensive quality

China metal products industry to improve the comprehensive quality

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2018/09/12 09:26
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With the domestic "consumption upgrade" process, hardware intellectualization is becoming the mainstream of development. How to promote the innovation of hardware in functional and intelligent aspects
With the domestic "consumption upgrade" process, hardware intellectualization is becoming the mainstream of development. How to promote the innovation of hardware in functional and intelligent aspects becomes the key to the development of the whole industry.
As an important part of manufacturing, metal products industry in China is becoming gradually achieve high quality development of enforcer, and hardware development is not only the quality of the products of high quality connotation, also includes the standard system revision, manufacturing, brand construction, operation and management, service experience and a series of comprehensive promotion of link.
Equipment upgrades drive efficiency improvements
The core of high quality development is inseparable from the improvement of equipment and efficiency. In recent years, leading metal manufacturing companies are in a planned and step by step in manufacturing upgrading and product upgrading, such as electric Gao Li and burning hot factory since 2013 the introduction of intelligent manufacturing automation engineering projects, nearly 5 years to spend about 150 million yuan, mainly used in the field automation equipment and information technology transformation, concrete application in the face of pan, the tank shell, heat exchanger, burner of stamping, welding process, the equipment, mould, robots, etc., so as to realize automation. At the same time, the factory imported MES information system, which can realize dynamic monitoring and real-time traceability of production plan, personnel, equipment, materials and quality, and realize intelligent upgrading in the production chain. Compared with 2013, the output of wanhe gaoli factory increased by 133%, the automation rate increased by 25%, the per capita output value increased to 1.65 million yuan/year, the year-on-year growth was 111%, and the personnel decreased by 50%.
The equipment upgrade is not only reflected in the new hardware industry such as kitchen electricity, but also the traditional hardware continues to adjust the structure, showing a strong development trend. As a large domestic base of brass valve research and development, ningbo emec copper valve co., LTD. Is a representative of traditional manufacturing industry, but the awareness and development of emec is not traditional. Over the years, the company has been continuously transforming and upgrading and carrying out technical transformation. At present, more than 80% of the key production processes have been automated. Mei DE group co., LTD. In recent years, with the concept of green environmental protection, automation, short process, workers around increase workers, capital increase, in the science and technology park automation malleable cast iron, with emphasis on the second line technological transformation projects, the investment of 180 million yuan, annual output can reach 40000 tons, through the introduction of high-end equipment, new technology, new technology, to realize the modernization of traditional manufacturing industry, promote the upgrading of production equipment and production efficiency.
Moving up the value chain
The upgrade of equipment improves efficiency, and the improvement of product itself is an important part of high-quality development. Superstar technology is a leading enterprise in the tools industry, with the total operating revenue of 42.81 billion yuan in 2017, up 18.80 percent. According to the public data of superstar technology, in 2017, there were 1,706 new products designed by superstar, up 31.13% year-on-year, 126,699,27,000 r&d investment, up 35.81% year-on-year, and 72 invention patents and 18 PCT patents were applied. Over the past year, star science and technology innovation developed including 3 d laser radar, ultra-small laser ranging chip, pen type laser rangefinder, air cushion shock hammer, intelligent household products and so on many intelligent innovative products, more than 25% of the total sales of new products and bring the good social benefit and economic benefit, and promote more high-end business to value chain.
It is understood that an enterprise research and development of intelligent cooker, zhejiang province, in the original traditional titanium with intelligent control module, do the control of the temperature and intuitive reflect, again through the temperature and time of the accused, connect the each link of cooking, including under what circumstances pour oil, what circumstances to add material, stir-fry, guidance was made from food preparation to complete the whole process, can also be smart mobile phone platform release upload. A large amount of data uploaded by fans can also promote fan effect and improve user stickiness, and the concentration of fan data can also help enterprises to make summary and analysis of this, feed the demand directly to the r&d link, and further realize product upgrading.
This kind of continuous research and development of products to improve product quality, function and technical content is not an attempt by individual enterprises, but a comprehensive performance in the industrial environment. Key enterprises and leading enterprises in the whole hardware industry are continuously carrying out actions.
Standards escort high quality development
Standards are also an important part of high-quality development. The central economic work conference held at the end of last year clearly pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the formation of an indicator system, a policy system, a standard system, a statistical system, a performance evaluation system and a performance evaluation system, create and improve an institutional environment, and make new progress in realizing high-quality development.
In accordance with the requirements of the central government and the needs of industries and enterprises, the standard work of the hardware industry has also been actively carried out this year, and a lot of achievements have been made. Only in nearly two months, the product green design evaluation specification - household gas stove, the product green design evaluation specification - domestic instantaneous gas water heater, the mains power supply gas cookers standard drafting a total of three groups, the electronic smart lock the start for advice, the fuel gas installation maintenance man vocational skills standard "label has been released, the wisdom of kitchen electric equipment general technical requirement of standard has been discussed.
The continuous promotion of standard work has standardized the development of industrial enterprises, provided systematic normative requirements for emerging enterprises and products, and protected the healthy and sustainable development of new products and new enterprises with forward-looking indicators. For example, the formulation of general technical requirements for smart kitchen appliances not only means the world's first smart kitchen appliances standard is about to be born, but also will fill the blank of smart home standardization in the industry. It is understood that the standards in addition to the safety of kitchen electrical products, also must guarantee the advancement and the reliability of the standard, should not only reflect the current domestic kitchen electrical products are the highest form of intelligence, more will lead the future development direction of kitchen electrical products, organic combination of the various functions of the kitchen, further build up with wisdom, the humanized function of modern intelligent kitchen.
Again, for example, the fuel gas installation maintenance profession standard "is China's light industry post personnel vocational skills in the field of the first group standard, the standard through the production and service, avoid the link problems in installation and maintenance, gas stove specification the use gas stoves, improve the overall quality of the product, improve the user experience, further promote the healthy development of gas industry. (author: China hardware association)
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