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26/5000 Four highlights are to be expected at the 23rd China hardware expo this month

26/5000 Four highlights are to be expected at the 23rd China hardware expo this month

Industry news
2018/09/12 09:23
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Jinhua news network September 10 news yongkang branch reporter wu junyong correspondent he chunyan
Jinhua news network September 10 news yongkang branch reporter wu junyong correspondent he chunyan
The 23rd China hardware expo will be held in yongkang international convention and exhibition center on September 26th solstice 28th. As the "hardware capital of China", yongkang will once again play the role of a leader in the hardware industry and set a good weather vane for the industrial development.
Now yongkang international exhibition center, the standard booth construction work is in full swing. It is reported that this China hardware exposition since the start of the work, the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in the fierce online registration, now has entered the finishing stage. Up to now, it has attracted 1947 enterprises from Shanghai, jiangsu, shandong, fujian, zhejiang and other provinces (cities) to apply for the exhibition. After strict examination, 1,468 enterprises have been qualified to participate in the exhibition. Among them, the special booth that 280 enterprises declare has passed the examination, with an area of 18,574 square meters, and the 1954 standard booth that 1,188 enterprises declare has also passed the examination.
Military and civilian integration exhibition area debuted
Chang ban chang xin is a major feature of China's hardware expo. This year, the exhibition area of military and civilian integration will be opened for the first time in hall D of yongkang international exhibition center, covering an exhibition area of more than 2,000 square meters. The exhibition area includes military power tools, military hardware tools, military hardware for daily use, hardware and electrical appliances, other military hardware, military mechanical and electrical products, etc. Currently, 28 enterprises have registered and participated in the exhibition.
In the eyes of the industry, yongkang has a strong manufacturing base, strong research and development, production capacity, for the integration of military and civilian development to provide a unique soil. In recent years, yongkang city has integrated various resources, focused on development and driven by multi-spots, and explored the way of military and civilian integration. Yongkang city take the lead in preparation for the end of 2015, established association for the advancement of civil-military integration development, currently has more than 40 member enterprises, involved in aerospace, Marine, fire protection, emergency rescue, logistics and other fields, and actively participate in the province's "people join the army" technology and product information acquisition and recommend work, develop dual-use market.
Recently, yongkang introduced the yongkang accelerate the several opinions of the development of military and civilian integration industry, furthering civil-military integration development, accelerate the development of military and civilian integration related enterprises, establish military and civilian integration industry for the vehicle industry, industry, glass industry, electric tools, electric kitchen utensils and appliances, leisure equipment, technology and equipment, metal materials, health care equipment after the yongkang the tenth largest in the industry.
Exhibitors are more outgoing
With the influence of the metal exposition and the further enhancement of outward orientation, more and more foreign enterprises pay attention to and participate in the hardware exposition. According to the registration data, this year a total of 1,070 foreign enterprises to declare this hardware expo, accounting for 56 percent of the total number of declared enterprises.
The continuous improvement of external orientation reflects the most direct increase of the visibility of the hardware expo. As the largest hardware industry professional exhibition in China, China hardware expo has not only created a professional, branded and internationalized road of success, but also become a stage to display the world famous hardware products. On the journey of building China's and even the world's advanced manufacturing base, the expo themed "let yongkang hardware travel in the world, let the world hardware assemble yongkang" is becoming a powerful internal driving force.
Electromechanical alliance organized groups to participate in the exhibition
The reporter understands, in order to satisfy the general exhibition enterprise's demand, and provides the better exhibition service experience, this year the hardware exposition business promotion transaction group to participate in the enterprise's qualification examination more strictly, strives to reduce some exhibitors peddling the phenomenon which has nothing to do with the hardware exposition participation scope appears.
This year, the electromechanical alliance will enter the era of special booth installation. Electromechanical alliance has been participating in the exhibition for many years. Due to the good effect of the exhibition, the standard booth is far from enough to meet the requirements of exhibitors. This year, electromechanical alliance added 108 square meters of special booth on the basis of the original standard booth.
Internet + exhibition is more convenient
This year's exhibition registration, auditing, payment, positioning and a series of investment promotion and invitation work are still conducted online, combining online and offline modes, adhering to the principle of "fair, just and open", and further enriching and enriching the customer database of the exhibition. In the age of big data, the Internet has permeated all industries and played an increasingly powerful role in all fields.
Driven by the Internet, the functions of trade transaction, integrated marketing and supply and demand adjustment in the traditional exhibition industry are increasingly recognized by the society, and the proportion of benefits brought by the exhibition economy is also gradually expanded.
China hardware expo is run every year and New Year, it is not only the "barometer" of China's hardware industry and "weather vane", but also a "trend chart" of the world's hardware development. It has also become a powerful driving force for yongkang's transformation from "hardware" to "hardware" and "traditional hardware" to "modern hardware".

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